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6 Domain Hosts for Your New Site

Finding a good domain hosting site can be an expensive and arduous process. You have to consider factors such as the type of hosting you need, the price, the type of support you will be receiving, and the speed.

Most web hosts offer two types of hosting: Shared and WordPress. Shared hosting provides hosting to multiple domains from one server. WordPress hosting is tailored to the WordPress software. With WordPress hosting, you can update automatically, receive a little bit of more support, and use tools that are specific to WordPress. The downfall is that WordPress hosting is a little bit more expensive. From my experience, shared hosting can get the job done if you are looking for something more affordable and do not have a ton of visitors.

Below is the breakdown of the most common and useful web hosts out there, and how they compare in prices for WordPress hosting versus shared hosting.


Pros: GoDaddy is one of the most well-known platforms that offers domain hosting. Some of the benefits of signing up for GoDaddy hosting is that it’s on the affordable side, they are well known for their security, they offer a large range of services that are easy to use, and the use advanced technology. Another perk is that they offer product integration, which means that if you are new at website building or want to have it a little easier, you can sign up for email, website hosting, and other business related services all in one.

Cons: Three of the major problems with GoDaddy are the limited amount of storage they offer, privacy concerns, and their site support. With limited space, you can only host so many domains on the platform. The privacy concern stems from issues that GoDaddy had when the internet blackout happened. They were not as concerned with protecting people’s privacy and have been known for sketchy political views (this is up to the user’s discretion). I have personally heard stories of people having a bad time with their support system, but they are working on this issue and some improvements have been made.


Pros: Namecheap is also another great site that offers domain hosting. Their perks include an easy to use platform, high security measures, and great product integration (they also offer email hosting and other services). If you are into businesses that like to give back, Namecheap also donates funds to charities such as Earth Day and Save the Elephants.

Cons: While Namecheap offers lower prices, they have really limited space. In the long run, the more domains you need to host, the more it’ll cost you to use this platform. They also have great online support, but no phone support, which might turn customers away.


Pros: Hostgator is known for having an easy to use website builder and great promotions. They also offer unlimited disc space and domains. If you already have a website that you want to transfer over, they do it at no additional cost. If you are looking to sell domains, Hostgator also offers a platform to resell.

Cons: Some of the problems that Hostgator has are slow customer service, expensive domains, and they charge an extra fee for restoring services. Although they do have some upsells, Hostgator also has consistent pricing which can pay off if you are looking for a long-term host. Other sites might be cheaper, but you have to buy most upgrades and services separately.


Pros: If you are looking for consistent, responsive customer service and simple hosting packages that are all-inclusive (no upsells), then DreamHost is for you. They also offer a 97 day money-back guarantee. Dreamhost is currently offering a $20 off promotion with code SLEEPY20.

Cons: Dreamhost caters to users that are beginners. If you are a web-developer or a more advanced user, this host might not provide you with all the tools that are necessary. It also has a slower server and does not provide one-click installations. While the price of Dreamhost is a little more expensive than other hosts, it does not have many upsells (which might be a plus depending on what you are looking for).

A2 Web Hosting

Pros: A2 offers domain hosting that is speedy and provides great customer service. It also is a good platform if you are a more advanced user (although it’s also good for beginner and intermediate users. Another great part about A2 is that they offer unlimited storage.

Cons: They tend to be on the pricier side and in order to receive a more reasonable package, you have to commit to their two year plan. A2 Web Hosting also has a lot of upsells, like needing to pay for the Turbo plan if you want to backup your data.

1&1 Web Hosting

Pros: I would recommend 1&1 Web hosting for beginning users that are on a budget. They have some of the cheapest plans and their performance is good for what you’re paying. They also offer great phone support and mobile apps for your website.

Cons: The downfall of 1&1 Web Hosting is that the user experience is a little confusing. Their platform does not offer great instructions on how to get started and there is no online chat support.

I hope this list helps you find your next host! Please feel free to leave any questions or comments and I will reply as soon as possible.


  • Viviana Munoz

    This is great it is important that people understand the different pricing structure. All the prices related to hosting has an effect on bandwidth size, storage, speed, etc. If you’re looking to create a professional website then you want something that’s going to give you the most for your buck.

    • admin

      Agreed! There’s a lot of factors that go into it. It’s a good idea to research your top picks a little bit more and see what works for you.

  • Travis Matelski

    Very informative. I like that you break down the pros and cons for each one. It gives me something to compare to and shows that sometimes more expensive doesn’t mean better, depending on what you’re looking for.

  • Sean

    I have literally tried all of these but A2 web hosting. Out of all of those choices you have I think Hostgator is probably the best way to go. But I know longer use those hoisting services. I like wealthy Affiliates Hosting service best.
    Your list is complete and thorough, very informative.

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