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Buying Quality Domains

Buying and selling domains can be a great way to make an extra source of income. But, if you are not careful with your technique, selling your domain can take a long time – or never happen.  There are several things to consider before investing in your domains. One of the biggest factors is what type of domains will sell faster. There are steps you can take to ensure that you are buying the best domains at the lowest price.

Use a domain name generator.

There are plenty of online resources that help you generate domain names based on your niche and that show which ones are available. I like to use because it gives you suggestions based on single words or phrases and shows domains that are up for purchase. Try to stick to names that are catchy and easily memorable.

Do not use more than three words in your domain. Avoid busy domains.

It goes along with having a domain that is memorable. Having a domain name that is really long become tedious and might turn visitors away. Using number and hyphenated words is also distracting. Use domains that are short, catchy, and relate to what the website is about. Simplicity is key.

Buy .com, .net, or .org extensions.

These are the most common extensions and the ones that sell most because they have been around the longest. Newer extensions are harder to memorize and do not have as much value. But .com names are not necessarily always more profitable than the other too. Research what extensions are more popular based on your brand, and invest from there.

Stick to your niche or brand.

If you are building a portfolio to sell domains, buy domains that are similar to your brand. Use keywords in the domain name so that you get better SEO results. Stay away from exact-match domains and trying a combination of your brand and a keyword. I have provided a more detailed reasoning behind this method here

If you need help finding keywords, there are several sites that help you sort out which ones create more traffic over others. I like to use Jaaxy. This will help you market your portfolio easily and approach prospective buyers with a sense of organization. It also stops competition from being able to buy similar domains and outsell yours.

Sign up for domain alerts.

Any site you are using to purchase your domains should have alerts when specific domains you have searched become available. I usually use GoDaddy to buy my domains and it includes this feature. Whenever I search a name that is currently unavailable, the search is automatically saved. In the future, when the domain becomes available, I receive an email alert. This is great to build a portfolio and to be the first to know when high-selling domains can be bought for a lower price.

These tips will give your domain selling business a step ahead. For more tips on how to maximize your profits in buying and selling domains, please check out my other posts. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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  • glenford r

    great article, really informative. Would you suggest a certain amount to buy to start off with?
    Do you recommend Godaddy as they seem quite slow communicating back in my opinion.

    • admin

      I use GoDaddy because it offers more affordable domains and an easy platform. But there are other good sites like NameCheap that are really good to use as well! When I first started I gave myself a budget of $100 to spend on domains (which let me buy around 7). It really depends on your experience and how much time you are willing to put into it to sell them quickly. Hope that helps!

  • Furkan

    I actually tried using keyword rich domain. For this site, I will just run with it but I honestly have not seen any results by choosing that or maybe I just did not realize it since I consider myself as a newbie. When I choose a brand name, how broad can I go?

    • admin

      Honestly, the ones that have sold fastest for me were simple words like “” or “” (these are just examples). I think keyword rich domains are more necessary when you have a longer domain name and when you are trying to be specific to a brand.

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