Productivity and Focus – Pointers for Today’s Busy World

Finding the time and energy to work on your business is sometimes challenging, especially if you are in school or working around a traditional job schedule. I sometimes find myself stuck in a funk, unable to put any work into my long-term goals. When this happens, there are several things I like to try out to get my mojo back. Here I provide some pointers to get back in gear and work on your business.

  1. Find a quiet spot.

    No matter how you put it, noise is distracting. I used to pride myself in being able to work around a bunch of chatty people, until I realized how the quality of my work turned out. If you are trying to work on your side business, whether it’s selling domains or online marketing, find a place that you can work in silence to eliminate distractions.

    If for some reason there is no way you can find a quiet spot, pop in some headphones and listen to music that is calming. I usually listen to soft instrumentals because lyrics are also distracting.

  2. Prioritize your business.

    This does not mean you have to neglect your 9 to 5 our your homework. But make sure to schedule blocks of time strictly dedicated to your goals. I like to have my businesses schedule weekly in my planner because it starts feeling important. When something starts to feel important, it naturally becomes part of your routine.

  3. Visualize your long-term goals.

    Write your goals down on a poster or white-board that you will see everyday. Being able to see your plans everyday will make it hard to ignore or forget. It will hold you accountable for getting the job done.

  4. Surround yourself with driven people.

    This does not mean you have to cut everyone else out of your life. But surrounding yourself with responsible, goal-oriented individuals makes it easier to adapt the same mentality.

    When I was in college, I went through a year where I thought it was wise to strictly hang out with the party crowd. My grades deteriorated and so did my vision for the future. It wasn’t until I decided to step away from it for a bit that I realized I was sinking into a messy hole. I didn’t have to cut out all my friends, but I did have to spend a lot less time with the same crowd. Not only was I able to boost my GPA back up, I also met a lot of successful people that I am lucky to school call my friends today. It really did make a difference.

    Set a coffee date with friends that are focused on growing and talk to them about your ideas. Ask them questions about how they can stay focused and how they have grown.

  5. Take care of yourself.

Yes, I know how cheesy self-care sounds, but it is so important. If you are not eating right, getting enough sleep, or managing stress in a healthy way, your mind will fight back. You will lose focus on what’s important and the quality of your work will fade.

I am 8 hours of sleep kinda girl. If there are days I know I can’t get as much sleep as I need, I nurture my mind and body in other ways. I’ll make sure to eat healthy foods and take 5-10 minute breaks to breath and relax. I’ll also make sure to make up for lack of sleep on days that I do have time.

We live in a world that pelts us with distractions. It’s important to find ways to focus on what’s important to us and what will ultimately give us more free time.

I hope these pointers help you all! Please feel free to leave any questions or comments and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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  1. This is a great list! I admit I can’t always find a quiet spot ( I am married with four kids). So the only time I can really get things done is when my kids are in school but that doesn’t give me as much time as I would like. I have to push myself and remind myself of the long-term goals so I can stay focused on my task at hand. I also love that you put surrounding yourself with driven people because that helps you stay driven and lastly taking care of yourself is very important. Thanks for this reminder!

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