Tips To Overcome Self-Doubt

These past few weeks have taken a toll on my productivity. Not only have I been feeling unmotivated, but everything I write or finish just doesn’t live up to my standards. We all go through periods where we just do feel like everything we do is not good enough. Self-doubt can become a downward spiral on all aspects of our life: our jobs, our business, and our personal life. Whenever I’m feeling in the blues, there are things I do that help me slowly climb out of that hole.

Talk it out

The best therapy for getting over self-doubt is speaking to those you can trust the most. When I am feel inadequate, speaking to my friends helps me not only rant, but also dissect what I am really feeling and why I am feeling that way. Speaking to others is also a way of getting advice. People outside of the situation can give you ways to deal with your feelings that are realistic and neutral. They can also spot triggers that you might not have thought of.



My biggest trigger that contributes to doubting myself is when I have way too much to do, or what I have to do just seems way out of my element. To cope with being overwhelmed, I like to make a list of everything I need to do, prioritizing what needs to get done. I also like to give myself a realistic timeline about when I could get everything done. Making lists helps me put everything into perspective and feel more organized. When you break tasks down into smaller portions, it also makes it seem a lot less draining and tedious.

Go outside

When we are feeling down about ourselves, it’s easy to seclude ourselves from the world. This results in a cycle of feeling stuck and useless and not wanting to go out even more. Take some time everyday to get some fresh air and see what’s happening around you. Taking a stroll is a good way to clear your mind and remind yourself that there’s more to life than responsibilities. Getting some sunlight also helps put you in a better mood!

Take care of your body

Eating junk food, not eating enough, and not drinking enough water is bound to affect your mood. When I am having a busy week and can’t find enough time to prepare healthy meals, my energy runs low. I also tend to feel less confident and social. If you are too busy to cook everyday, try to makes meals for the week. And if you are someone that has a hard time drinking enough water, carry a large jug that you can sip on throughout the day.


Don’t oversleep

When I am feeling unmotivated I oversleep. Eventually, that oversleeping makes me feel groggier. Oversleeping can contribute to tiredness and depression. But, it also important to sleep enough. I usually have a good night’s rest if I sleep between 8-9 hours. Your body needs rest to process everything that you has happened throughout the day!



  • Curtis Henderson

    All great tips for keeping us motivated so we can be productive. I would say I do all of these things, except talk things out. I am better at figuring things out on my own. I like to use breathing techniques I learned years ago.
    Thanks for a great post.

  • Joe

    Great post I like to write lists and take care of my body. I find that if I do both of those things and keep organized everything else seems to fall into place.

  • Phil

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the tip list! I’ve used several on this list, but I especially like how you opened with reaching out to another person.

    I find that, a lot of times when we’re feeling low, we tend to isolate. On occasion, maybe we just need a little time to ourselves, but more often than not, we do this as a defense mechanism, and it locks us into feeling terrible. Getting another person involved helps get us out of our own heads, borrow someone else’s energy when we may not have a lot, and helps get some good healthy talk into our heads instead of dwelling on the things that are bringing us down.

    One thing I do, sometimes, is call other people to see how they’re doing. This is when I don’t feel like coming right out of the gates telling someone I’m feeling bad. By calling to check on -them- I still get out of my own head, do something caring for them, and if in the course of the conversation I feel like sharing how I’m struggling, I can still totally do that. But this helps get over the “reaching out” hump I might feel.

    Thanks for the list!

  • Dennis

    I really needed this today. I was so low and unmotivated. Sometimes working seems like pushing a wall that doesn’t fret. When you are all the motivation you have, things can be difficult. Btw What kinds of food boost the spirits? Thanks for sharing.

  • Huzefa

    I have normally seen youngsters and employees having this self doubt problem in this competitive world.. This post is very helpful for them and gain confidence in themselves.. Meditation is also an effective way of gaining self confidence…

  • Joo

    Thanks for the great article! I also tend to oversleep whenever I have the chance! Maybe that time could be better spent meeting up and catching up with friends. Or going for a walk in nature…

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